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Tough on bins.
Gentle on the environment.

What We Do

You've Bin Cleaned offer a fast, professional and environmentally-friendly wheelie-bin cleaning service. As a local, family-run business we pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide. Our priority is to maintain excellent communication with our customers from the first point of contact through to completion of work.

You've Bin Cleaned specialise in cleaning for both domestic and commercial wheelie-bins as well as high pressure surface cleaning of waste disposal areas.

Our operatives are friendly and approachable and are trained in health and safety and full recycling of waste water.

Where We Operate

You've Bin Cleaned serve the Fylde postcode area from Blackpool and Fleetwood to Lytham, St Annes.

When We Operate

We conduct a regular schedule designed to be in-sync with your normal refuse collection dates. Additionally we offer a range of other options whether it's daily, weekly or monthly depending on your needs.

The Benefits of Wheelie-Bin Cleaning

Regular cleaning of your bin removes the bacterial build-up, decreases pest infestation, reduces the chance of cross-contamination from the bin to your kitchen and food preparation area leaving a clean & hygienic smelling bin.

There's More...

Bins are the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of germs and bugs, inevitably followed by unpleasant smells, dirt, grime and insects - maggots and flies being the most common companions of a neglected bin.

Did you know your bins are hundreds of thousands times more contaminated with bacteria than your toilet? A swab of a loo seat would produce around 500 bacteria and a bin on a fortnightly collection would produce 240 million. Now, how often do you clean your loo and bin?

A Service You Can Trust

You've Bin Cleaned are fully insured for public liability.

You've Bin Cleaned have consent from the local Water authority.

You've Bin Cleaned are a member of the National Association of Wheel Bin Washers (NABWB) and follow their strict charter of conduct and professionalism.